O colunista do Institute Poynter Roy Peter Clark lançou livro com dicas para escrever na web. Aí vão algumas delas. O restante está disponível no site do Poynter . O livro Writing Tools : 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer está à venda na Amazon.

Nuts and Bolts

1. Begin sentences with subjects and verbs.Make meaning early, then let weaker elements branch to the right.
2. Order words for emphasis. Place strong words at the beginning and at the end.
3. Activate your verbs.Strong verbs create action, save words, and reveal the players.
4. Be passive-aggressive.Use passive verbs to showcase the “victim” of action.
5. Watch those adverbs.Use them to change the meaning of the verb.6. Take it easy on the -ings.Prefer the simple present or past.

Luciana Moherdaui