Steve Outing pergunta em sua coluna no Poynter se o jornalismo cidadão exige um novo modelo de negócio e questiona como o novo formato irá sobreviver. Outing destaca também 11 passos para entender o CitJ (Citizen Journalism).

Traditional Media Adopts CitJ: Some news organizations are overcoming fears and opening up to citizen journalism.
CitJ’s National Networks: Will They Bloom?: Entrepreneurs and media companies eye the opportunities in aggregating local sites.
Independent CitJ: Web sites and Networks: Citizen-media practitioners can do it on their own.
It’s Not About the Money: CitJ is a valuable community service — and for some people, it’s too important to turn it into a business.
CitJ Start-ups’ Models: Entrepreneurs try to figure out the business; learn from them.
Ideas From CitJ Gurus: Get creative to succeed with citizen media. Advice from Amy Gahran and Chris Willis.

Luciana Moherdaui