É o que propõe o professor da Universidade de Amsterdã e ativista da cultura digital, Geert Lovink. Seu alvo, claro, é a hegemonia do Google.
“(…) Google has expanded so fast, and in such a wide variety of fields, that there is virtually no critic, academic or business journalist who has been able to keep up with the scope and speed with which Google developed in recent years (…)”

“(…) With Lev Manovich and other colleagues I argue that we need to invent new ways to interact with information, new ways to represent it, and new ways to make sense of it. How are artists, designers, and architects are responding to these challenges? Stop searching. Start questioning. Rather than trying to defend ourselves against “information glut”, we can approach this situation creatively as the opportunity to invent new forms appropriate for our information-rich world. (…)”

O artigo “The society of the query and the Googlization of our lives. A tribute to Joseph Weizenbaum” está publicado no Eurozine. Se preferir versão em PDF, pode ler aqui.
Lovink dirige o Institute of Network Culture e é autor de livros como Zero Comments. Blogging and Internet Culture (2007); My first recession: Critical Internet Culture in Transition (2003), entre outros. Em maio de 2008, ele concedeu entrevista ao repórter Peter Moon, de Época.

Suzana Barbosa