Brazilian Journalism Research (BJR) is a semi-annual scientific journal published by the Brazilian Journalism Researchers Association (SBPJor). For further information about BJR and SBPJor, please visit the website. The association is dedicated to theory and research on journalism (theoretical and empirical). The journal is totally edited in English.

Schedule for Vol 3, number 1
Call for paper ends: January 31rst 2007
Editorial decisions: March 31rst 2007
Editing and printing: April 2007

Submission: Articles for this especial edition should necessarily deal with the main theme, freedom of the press or related themes. Preference will be assigned to articles describing empirical research reports; the articles should be original in the English language. Authors should send a copy of the manuscript of the article (about 7.000 words), labeled and typed in double space throughout to the following electronic addresses by January 31rst, 2007: and :
Article’s manuscript should contain:
1) Title page: in a separte page, please type title, subtitle, full name(s) of the author(s) with current affiliation(s) and full regular mail and electronic mail address(es);
– authors should also list five key-words and an abstract of 100-150 words;
– a short (up to 5 lines) biographical note should also be supplied on this separate sheet.
2) Main text (in separate pages): about 7000 words clearly organized, with a clear hierarchy of headings and subheadings; please, use a clear readable style;
– references in both text and notes should be cited in the text (author, date, page)
– footnotes should be displayed at the bottom of the page;
– tables, figures, photos and illustrations should have a good range of contrast; they should also be numbered consecutively and must be clearly identified;
– an alphabetical reference section should follow the text; please, use Harvard style;
– permissions from copyright holders: authors are responsible for
obtaining permissions from copyright holders for reproducing any quotation,
illustration or photo previously published elsewhere;
2) Book reviews: the journal will include a section where recent relevant books on freedom of the press are reviewed; manuscripts should be in clear and readable style (up to 1000 words).

Please send manuscripts to: and : by January 31rst. 2007